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About Us

our mission:

the cascade forest conservancy protects and sustains the forests, streams, wildlife, and communities in the heart of the cascades through conservation, education, and advocacy.

founded by volunteers in 1985, we are the voice of people who care for Washington's Southern Cascades

We represent the interests of our 12,000+ members and supporters by advocating for responsible resource management and scientifically sound policy decisions to protect the health of varied and diverse ecosystems throughout the Cascades in Southwest Washington. Since 1985, we have protected thousands of acres of forests and miles of rivers and streams throughout the Gifford Pinchot National Forests and surrounding region.

We help restore the habitats and safeguard biodiversity through our roles as collaborators and conveners. CFC works with scientists, agencies, tribes, partner organizations, and some amazing volunteers, to support, study and guide restoration projects throughout the region.

Our innovative, bold, and practical approach has given us a reputation among elected officials, federal and state agencies, and industry leaders as an effective force for conservation here in Southwest Washington.

Our Approach

  • We monitor and weigh in on proposed projects, such as timber sales, within the Gifford Pinchot National Forest and nearby state and private land to ensure those actions are scientifically vetted and sustainable. By working closely with forest collaboratives representing wide variety of opinions and interests, we share our concerns early in project planning processes, often achieve results without costly litigation.
  • We pursue land and water designations, prioritizing areas identified as vital to habitat connectivity and to building resilience to the existent and worsening effects of the climate emergency.
  • We partner with researchers and experts to improve scientific understanding of the region and support the successful reintroduction of species like fisher and beaver.
  • We address the complex ways fire interacts with the landscape by working with partners to perform pre-fire preparation and research, as well as post-fire restoration projects.
  • CFC’s innovative initiatives like the Instream Wood Bank Network and other on-the-ground restoration efforts improve the health of forests and waterways. Many of these projects provide volunteers and students a unique opportunity to participate in local hands-on conservation projects.

What drives us

Mission and values

We are working to see that our region is one where native life–flora, fauna, microbes, and the entire biota–thrive in healthy biodiverse forest and aquatic ecosystems…

where we work

This area is a vital transition zone within the Cascade range and a stronghold for critical habitat. The GIFFORD PINCHOT NATIONAL FOREST is the centerpiece of this landscape and its sustainable management is vital to the continued health and resilience of the region…


A legacy of conservation in the heart of the Cascades.


Bios and contacts for our staff and board.


Since 1985, Cascade Forest Conservancy has been your voice speaking for the areas in and around the Gifford Pinchot National Forest in southwest Washington. Join the 12,000 other members who support Cascade Forest Conservancy and are making a difference now.

Our Work